Global NSA fallout: Brazilian government wants to create secure email system to rival Gmail, Hotmail


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Ordinarily I’d think “Government offering people a ‘secure’ service? Pfft! Yeah right!”, except that this is Brazil, and they’re pretty crazy and idealistic in a lot of ways, making it just plausible enough that I honestly don’t know what to think.

And the NSA attempts to ‘defend America’ help contribute to its precipitous decline.


That “crazy and idealistic” nation has a government spy agency tasked with doing the same exact thing as the NSA (as does every other country on the planet with two nickles to rub together.) Their last director tapped into their congress and supreme court’s phones, and used the info for political purposes. And his predecessors spied on opposition figures and a whole host of NGOs and religious groups in the country. And their predecessors spent several decades torturing countless people.

I think it’d be silly to think this sort of service would actually be secure. Not that I think it’ll ever be created, its political posturing. All these countries are sort of obligated to act outraged that they’re being spied on, even though they spy right back, and work with US spy agencies for things like counter-narcotics and counter-terrorism stuff.

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Brazil? Aren’t they the very metaphor for the surveillance state run amok?

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they should call the service, but if you accidentally type, you instead are blacklisted from the internet


This posturing isn’t really worth talking about, but doesn’t anyone know of a self-hosted, encrypted email service that actually is secure? I would think that if you have legitimately encrypted chat, you should be able to have legitimately encrypted email. You’d have to host it yourself, but it seems like that would be worth the trouble for many folks.

What do folks think of Mailpile?

And the patriotic flag-wavers (I think of them as well-trained monkeys) will continue to harp about how great and free we are.

At least our unused, unwanted tech will be terrorist free - if you don’t count the Government, that is.

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