Trustycon: how to redesign NSA surveillance to catch more criminals and spy on a lot fewer people


Is there any chance that you will give a link to those audio files?

At first, I thought it was Hanukkah again.

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This sounds awfully as if these people think that mass surveillance is a bug.

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does anybody else feels that today’s NSA is equal to the STASI of the past?
I watched “Das Leben der Anderen” again after 8 years and with the recent revelations the feeling was that exactly.

Youtube center is probably a better way of getting the audio.
It’ll just download the audio track(or several resolution options) with one menu next to the video, and also gives you a load of neat options like toggling repeat for videos with a button and changes to buffering so you can buffer an entire video for watching when you lose net access.

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Alternately, downloadhelper is a Firefox plugin which will let you…er…acquire the video and if you register the plugin, you can convert the video to MP3 (or use FreeRecorder).

At this point, I think the difference is only that the NSA hasn’t actually done, yet, what the Stasi would have done with so much information on everyone.

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