Stasi radio monitoring department, hard at work, 1980s


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my question is , how did the stasi know what this part of my dream audio recording studio of the mid 1970’s look like ?? ok , my recorders were mostly 4channel simyl-syncs ; and they seem to have left out the mix panels , musician recording booths , smoking and listening lounge , and such , but stilllll !! ~


Anytime I see anything East Germany related, I can’t help to think that at least they got those awesome wallpaper patterns. What do we get for living in our surveillance dystopia?


To be fair, you can probably find that wallpaper in some hipster, 80s, website nostalgic for the old commie days…


Oh man, all that old Soviet tech. The hipster engineer in me drools for this.


Stasi? I think those are shock-jocks.


Someone fiddled with the image. Here’s the original:


No wallpaper, but they appear to have almost everything else.


Doesn’t look very soviet to me. I saw some familiar terminals and a IBM compatible PC.


Here’s another photo from the original article:


The PC in the first photo is not Soviet. I believe it’s an East German Robotron EC 1834, introduced in 1988. This means that the photo was taken within a year or two of German reunification, or perhaps staged after reunification by someone with access to old Stasi equipment.


Those headphones look nice actually.


The NSA later surpassed the Stasi’s domestic surveillance capacity, though through much more labor-efficient means

What you call efficiency, I call the destruction of the once-thriving spy sector of our workforce!


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