How to covertly toss an apartment, Stasi style


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This is the kind of video that could really benefit from dubbed audio rather than just subtitles. The german narrator is obviously not ‘talent’ so any average english speaker could do the job to the same level of quality.


What happened to Auditor?


Given the way the world seems to be going, I hope everyone’s been taking notes during this whole thing.


Seconded. What happened to the auditor. The wall fell in 1989. That was only a handful of years early.


I already learned all this by watching The Americans


Too bad it is all staged… it takes away so much from the art of Burglary. It is almost as if stasi rented rooms to dissidents they wanted to haggle into unknowing confessions.


Boy, I’m sure glad those Stasi spooks wore rubber gloves because - man! - if their fingerprints ever led back to the Stasi shenanigans, the GDR justice system would have been all over them.



Yes. Note 1: Keep a clean apartment.


Possibly spent some time in Hohenschönhausen. Nasty place. I visited it a few years ago and my guide was someone who had spent time there in the late 80’s. About the time this film was shot.


See, I took the opposite away. If your apartment is dirty it’s more likely that they’ll leave something amiss.


early dry waterboarding no silly walks


Good movie as a teaching aid if you’re turning out spies by the thousands, but I call bull. the movie is a reenactment with other stuff added. The shots are planned and the evidence is all laid out in easy reach at the same time the narrator impinges the "bachelor"s organizational skills. Plot hole.


This is some James Bond-level spycraft!

They took pictures of stuff. With a camera. And a copier.


Yeah, arrest that old frustrated bachelor poet.


Reminded me of The Lives of Others movie.


Thats because the film used that video as reference.


You’re welcome to fix that. The Stasi won’t be coming after you for copyright infringement.


Everything I learned about tradecraft I learned from George Smiley, and these guys fail even fictional tradecraft. Karla would have them shot, as was his way.


Or keep your apartment so filthy that Stasi turn in the door, refusing to go in. Having a dog and train it to bark at strangers may be good too.