Surveillance camera vandalized in Russia

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Get out of my browser history, I watched this last week. Creep. :wink:


Good tip!

Unsurprisingly enough, those are the same people who support surveillance on the Internet, mandatory decryption and plain-text storage of all communications, because (as they say) they have nothing to hide…

In other news, today the petition to cancel the “Yarovaya’s Law”, that obliges ISPs to store all Internet traffic in Russia for 6 months, has been dismissed with almost no discussion…


You know these people and their opinions, do you? I am impressed.

But this is a privately-owned camera, and it’s probably there for a reason. Maybe there have been burglars or vandals, who knows, but if granny installs her own camera, she’s probably not taking notes on her dissident neighbors. Maybe I’m wrong, though. The neighbors sure hate that camera.

I was amused by the faux-VCR effect between cuts. Very convincing.


Old lady with cane looks very familiar, like the Babushka from my former apartment block in Moldova.
Our block was generally behaved, but one young lady had an admirer who drunkenly serenaded her late at night every weekend. That would have been something to film.


One thing I learned — in Russia they appear to have transparent spray paint.


In soviet russia, surveillance camera disable you!


I want to kill myself… I can’t live further…

its good to know how inadequate spray paint is at blocking a lens


While viewing these videos, I’m always surprised with the neighbors reactions (and subsequent behavior) when they find a camera installed next door. It’s as if they think someone has it in for them and then they (the neighbor) get all worked up over some (non-existent) privacy issue. I’m pretty sure they don’t give a hoot about all those cameras hanging from the stoplights, or the ones at the department store or bank, so what’s the reasoning here?
It could be that they aren’t really upset with the camera owners, just upset that something changed in their daily routine and now there’s a certain amount of paranoia started. The questions they have start with “Why are they doing this to me!!” and get even more stupid as the paranoia increases.
The real craziness is when they become convinced that they are the only reason the camera is there.
The final product of this is usually "I’m gonna go get my hammer and take that F****** camera down! "
At this point, you’re not dealing with a neighbor anymore, now it’s a psychopath that anyone would demand to see placed into confinement far, far AWAY.
Never once have I seen or heard of any one of these idiots come over to talk to the owners about the cameras and then realise with understanding that it’s not about them, it’s about those burglaries the owner had to deal with.

It’s kind of the same sentiment about Quadcopter/Drones and their cameras. Oh sure, there’s been issues with drones being used to violate someones else’s privacy, but that doesn’t mean you get to resolve them. If you have a serious issue with any camera, you are supposed to call the police and make a complaint, not drag out your trusty shotgun and start blazing away.
Same thing with trespassers. I’ve met people that think trespassing is a capital crime and of course that means they can “defend” their home or property any way they choose (alcohol is usually involved).

This ain’t a war zone where you try to kill someone who’s knocking on your front door looking to deliver a pizza.


The cameras record IR as well.

Try this sometime - use your cell phone camera to record a video of your TV remote control while you press the remote buttons. The phone can clearly see the IR LEDs blinking.

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I didn’t realize that the proper way to descend stairs in Russia was to drunkenly summersault down them.

I think we must learn more about glorious new ally mother Russia as Trumputin leads us to greatness (and the dissolution of NATO and a second greater depression). From Russia With Love indeed. GOpeepee for the win!


Well, if nothing else, it provides a timely reminder that “fall down drunk” is a global phenomenon…not just a metaphor.


Navin R. Johnson: “They hate the camera. Stay away from the camera!”


I think they do, but they know that nothing good would come of doing anything about cameras in public. This particular camera is (literally) within reach, and is owned by a neighbour, not the state, or a big organisation, so they can take out their frustration of all cameras on this one.


If you spray enough the solvent drips off. That’s why the instructions say you need to make multiple thin passes to build up the layers.
I still think the MoD should have pursued my idea for a paint gun that fired large rounds of really thick paint to disable tank gunsights. (Did you know the idea in the first Star Wars film may have come from Partisans in 1941-2 attacking German tanks by trying to get bottles of gasoline and turpentine (Molotov cocktails) into the exhausts or air intakes? Sometimes extremely low tech is the answer.)


I really need to get a couple of cameras, if for no other reason to just see what happens in my 'hood overnight. Clues are left of interesting goings-on, but I never witness them.


Yeah, this serves as an interesting primer in how not to disable a security camera.


If there were such a humorously inadequate man in my stairwell, I would want a camera too. It appears his vocabulary is as inadequate as his locomotion. How much vodka does that take?

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