With security cam, guy catches housecleaner committing identity theft


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Iocaine powder on all sensitive documents. (Or just tamper bags and a shredder).


He must have hidden the camera very well. It’s right in front of the guy, yet he didn’t see it even though he swept the room for cameras just before he opened the first envelope.


Nest is a pretty good quality camera, but I hate everything about the way it works. With no local recording as an option (so they can sell you their mandatory cloud storage), security is completely dependent on WiFi. I’d love to find something that was as quality as the Nest/Dropcam, but with local recording in addition to an optional cloud.


So, let’s do something.


To dub.


Like flies on excrement, man.



Clearly the option of choice for all those criminals in Australia.


Also, never start a land war in Asia, Xeni! (at least not again (yeah, I may be retconning in my mind (don’t ask)))


I have a camera right here which would do the job. it looks exactly like a USB key and in fact functions as one. Thats how you read the video files.


Wow, these guys were really cleaning up.

I’m sorry, I have a pun addiction, I can’t help myself.


They noticed some dirty money on the bank statement.


Shredder? What about the burn bags?


Aw, video now private, presumably now part of a criminal investigation?


Some IP cam experience recently posted:


Foscam HD (FI9831W) gives 1280x960 resolution with a decent low-ish light performance before (optional/automatic) switching over to monochromatic infrared-lit mode. While my Panasonic IP cams have been near-bulletproof for the past decade, the Foscam’s quadruple resolution shows the progress made in CMOS sensors. It sports a miniSD slot for local recording.


I don’t want to go all tin-foil hat, but the guy who’s house they searched does electronic discovery, presumably for a DC area law firm(s). I can totally see a Beltway bandit hiring “cleaners” to lie or bribe their way into taking the Handy cleaners’ place.


Have you ever compared it to a Nest / Dropcam? I agree with @Random_Tangent, the quality of the Nest cam is frickin awesome in all light conditions, but the fact that it doesn’t offer local storage is a dealbreaker for me. And a big issue for some installations is just the fact that its constantly uploading video, which can be a strain on some internet connections.

But they nailed the form factor, quality and price. Surely there must be some IP camera that’s in the < $150 range, records very high quality video (not just pixel dimensions, but truly high quality) and isn’t pure Chinese crapware? Its not that complicated, its basically a dashcam with motion sensitivity and low light. A little bit of modern style cellphone interaction would be nice but not totally necessary.


Get yourself to the source (reddit). There are mirrors of the video, and the comments from the victim, including:
“I just got off the phone with someone from Handy and they seem willing
to make significant efforts to make this situation as right as it can be
at this point. They stressed that this sort of situation is incredibly
rare and that they understand how much of an impact it can have. As a
result, and in good faith that they will follow through on our
discussions, I’ve pulled the video.”


I’m using several raspberry PIs with the pi camera running motion-detection software sending to a remote server over nfs and/or (rarely) to dropbox. It’s fiddly to set up and it helps that I already have servers already running (and the knowledge to administer all that) but it works well. A pi/camera and everything else needed to run it is <$85. Throw in a battery and you have a drop anywhere ip-enabled camera.

I would never, ever put a camera in my house that relies on someone else’s server.


The time-travelling historian hypothesis hasn’t been ruled out, has it?