Surveillance camera vandalized in Russia

If they’d used primer, the paint would have probably covered better.


Tip: use stickers. Legal, easily carried, completely effective, no damages.

Sure, but how do I place them when the stairwell keeps swaying so much?


It looks like it kicks into IR mode. So you’d need some IR blocking paint.

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I was thinking spray adhesive of nearly any kind. The expanding foam stuff would probably be a good start, just coat the whole damned area and then throw handfuls of glitter onto it. Given the number of cameras in England I’d think they would’ve developed a wide range of counter-camera practices.


I think the number of surveillance cameras in England is overstated, though I admit that I now have windshield cameras following several incidents of dangerous overtaking and going through red lights - purely from an insurance point of view, I’ve resisted the temptation to put some of them on Youtube.


Incidentally the verb (snyala) can mean to remove, take down or to take a photo. It seems to be a clever pun on the camera recording the incidents or being “removed” by them.
Never underestimate the power of little old ladies with big hammers - specially in the days when they were the KGB informants!

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Russian spray paint, anyway.

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If they could just get the people to pay for their own surveillance cameras and even get them to carry them around with them wherever they go.

I’m surprised I can’t already find an image of a surveillance camera on a selfie stick. Maybe I’ll make one.

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Maybe it’s borscht?

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If the door already has a fisheye peephole, stick the camera on that inside the door.

I don’t see the neighbors’ concerns as “crazy” or “paranoia,” given that the camera owner has actually used the footage to make a video showing their antics and posted it to the internet—so we can all have a laugh. That may be exactly what they were afraid of. I wouldn’t want my actions, within in my private home/building, to be recorded and uploaded to the internet. Perhaps a better choice would have been calling the police (as you suggest), but the neighbors aren’t “psychopaths” for taking direct action.


This could just be a viral marketing video, you know? For a new reality based TV show?

…This week on “My Camera”, Granny returns with a flamethrower. Watch how creative she gets with a little blowtorch work, and wait until you see the new Fall Guy ( look for his own spin off), he puts new meaning in the words “falling down drunk”.

It’s too early in the season. Wait until they got a few more episodes in the show.


A lot of them have IR filters now.

[quote=“wrecksdart, post:24, topic:93214, full:true”]

I was thinking spray adhesive of nearly any kind. The expanding foam stuff would probably be a good start, just coat the whole damned area and then throw handfuls of glitter onto it.[/quote]
This is Boing Boing. The thematic solution is Sugru.


No mention yet of the classic?

Expanding foam injected into the camera housing. Cooks and crushes.


Or take a cue from British yobs and kill them with fire:

A freshly halved marshmallow.


Personally I’d absolutely call this a privacy issue. There’s a big difference between a hallways and a bank or a street… A hallway is a shared private space. And besides, lots of people have issues with being filmed on public streets too, but there’s not much they can do about it.

And furthermore the fact that the camera owner is posting embarassing videos of his neighbors doing things that have nothing to do with the camera itself goes to show just how much of an invasion of privacy this is.

But even if you argue that this is and should be legal, I think its hard to argue that its not obnoxious on a cultural level. Just as sticking a camera in someone’s face and taking pictures of them without asking is technically legal, but is certainly obnoxious.

The great thing about that is if you’re like me, and really love stale marshmallows, it’s there for the taking a week later.


I would contribute to sending all of them to Russia to help. One way only. I’m sure Vladimir Vladimirovich could do with some help in the gulags.

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