Potato-chip surveillance: once you start, you just can't stop



Y’know those ubiquitous cameras, the ones supposedly installed for public safety? I just discovered-the hard way- that being assaulted in view of one of those things, is not sufficient motivation to trigger a review of the footage.

And I can imagine any number of reasons for this, but the police aren’t talking to me about it, and I’m left guessing why those cameras are there in the first place. They don’t seem to offer any deterrence to random violence, that’s for sure.


Are you in the UK? Do you mean that people cannot monitor the feeds themselves? Where does all of the video go?

What happened? Are you OK?

Can you make a Data Protection Act request (or non-UK equivalent) for the video footage?

Protection of property.

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“All that exists is absence, the lack of definitive proof of guilt. One more push might be all it takes.”

This would seem to be the driving force behind all the GOP’s “scandals”-- Solyndra, IRS, Benghazi-- they KNOW something sinister went on, they just can’t find evidence of it. . . yet!

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But not your property, or his. Just our property.

Which, by the way, you are standing near. Officers have been dispatched to prevent you from bleeding on our property,


“it’s very easy to scare people and very hard to un-scare them”

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It’s been a few days, the headache is fading, if I’m not OK now, I think I will be, eventually.

Random crazy guy starts acting out on the bus. I told him to take it elsewhere, he hit me in the head. When the dust settled and the blood dried, I noticed there were 4 cameras in eyeshot of the incident.

I asked a uniformed transit cop about what to do about it, and he urged me to file a report in case I encounter the same guy a second time -which tells me, very clearly, that they don’t have this guy on their radar, they don’t want to have this guy on their radar, and unless he assaults a driver or a cop, he’s never going to be on their radar.

Which struck me as eerily familiar- A certain Silas Cool was a problem for years before this happened- but the police didn’t know about him at all.

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and which included an incident in which an undercover police officer fathered a child with the woman he was spying on,

This inspired a New Tricks episode.

So that’s alright then.

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