Assassination of Kim Jong-nam captured on surveillance video

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Zoom in. Enhance. Enhance. Enhance.


Oh c’mon! YOU KNOW IT DOESN’T WORK! Just print the damn picture.

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Knowing nothing about assassination methods, what can you wipe a guy’s face with that will make them dizzy and kill them in just a few minutes?


“WATCH: Assassination of Kim Jong-nam caught on cctv”



Now if only we could wipe out all of our pro-Russia regime elements. Not in this way, of course. Everybody deserves a fair trial.

Yeah. Regardless of who the guy is or his family in particular, i definitely do not want to start my week watching a man be assassinated.

  1. I have to admit, the “It was a prank, bro! Bro! Bro! It’s a prank!” is a great defense.

  2. Has anyone said WHAT they used to kill him with?


Knowing the eastern powers it’s more than likely something incredibly hard to detect. Russia has spent decades researching chemicals specifically tailored for assassinations that leave little to no trace.

In fact, the current opposition leader to the government has suddenly come very ill. On the eve of him coming to the US to speak out against the Russian government Hmmmm.


Because it’s interesting.

  1. Disgraced worldtrotting son of former king who lost throne to mad younger brother.
  2. Killed by a woman in a LOL shirt in a public place.
  3. Who jumped on him like a cartoon kitten and wrapped his head in something and… what the hell?
  4. It is on film.
  5. She claims to have been acting out what she thought was a TV prank.
  6. Really what the hell?

Conspiracy theory: he was fine in the airport, what she put on him was a relatively harmless substance that made him feel weird or unwell – capsaicin, andrographolide (the stuff you spray on dogs to stop them licking themselves), or some other nasty terpenoids – that would have made him panic and demand medical attention.

Then he was murdered in the ambulance.


It’s also one of those seminal Zapruder-type moments that we’re going to have more and more these days of cell phones, CCTVs and 24/7 media.

Also, anything to do with that insane hermit-kingdom which actually exists in this day and age is queasily fascinating.


It’s probable. However both angles of attack on Kim Jong-Nam don’t necessarily obfuscate the fact that he was assassinated. In which case this is a failure for North Korea. Had he come ill and there was no direct proof of any wrong doing people might suspect foul play but in this case it’s very clear.

So. Let’s go one conspiracy deeper. This assassination is too obvious, what if China did it as an excuse to further destabilize North Korea?


It wasn’t just a few minutes, though. He walked over to talk with customer service personnel, then to security, all the while seeming like there was nothing wrong other than being shook up from the bizarre attack, and only died on the way to the hospital.

Which makes me wonder if any residue of what he breathed in was transferred to any of the people he spoke with prior to dying.


I wouldn’t think so. May only be an issue if it were a virulent substance.

Well, all you see is indistinct video of a large person wandering around an airport. And then something happens. What? I can’t tell you.


I can make due without watching it at all. I’ve read the descriptions of how it went down and don’t need to satisfy any morbid curiosity of seeing it.


This is why I think the needle theory is more plausible.
If it had been a water spray prank as the assassins claim, why in the world would you cover his face first? If you wiped his face immediately afterward, it would render the prank nonsensical. And why walk away so quickly?
Furthermore, if had been a water spray prank, I or someone else would be dead before I reached my intended target, because human nature would lead me to fool around with the bottle before I reached my intended target. Anyone telling me “you must spray nobody else, not even yourself” would certainly raise my suspicions.


China is the absolute last actor that would be involved in this farce. If they want to disengage from DPRK they certainly don’t need to stage an assassination to do so.

The real thing that incriminates the “prank” actresses: this poison is apparently very potent. Just breathing it killed Jong-nam. They evidently took some sort of precautionary measures not to themselves become contaminated (evidence: they are alive). Now just why were they so extremely careful with the “perfume” if they actually thought what they were administering to Jong-nam was harmless?

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Consequences of being exposed are too great for the gains to be worth it, surely.

Now, a state with no honor to lose, that’s another matter entirely.

So maybe Russia did it to make people wonder if China did it to make North Korea loo—muffled screams as bag is placed over head by crazy woman in lol shirt