Bizarre photos from the East German spy archives


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Pssst, it’s “Stasi”, short for Staatssicherheitsdienst …

These are fantastic. This is the best thing on the internet this morning. Hilarious, Tin foil and Madonna obsessions.

Isn’t that Mark F on the left? I’d know that hair anywhere!


The guy to the right resembles a young Steve Jobs.

Added to quip!


“During the Communist era, East Germany employed 300,000 spies to observe its own citizens; more per capita than any other totalitarian government in recent history”

Sad we now need to make the distinction between how many spies totalitarian governments use against their own system versus non-totalitarian ones…


Clone? Aren’t there a number of “Missing Years” in Mark’s official bio?

That’s no martial art. It’s the secret handshake.


Hacky sack?

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Sounds fascinating. Shame it’s a cold day in hell before I’ll give Wired page-impressions again.

You’re both wrong. Clearly they are trying to dance like Kid N Play

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i think they’re boot dancing

Sir, I think you will see that that dance is the same as one performed by the rhyming duo Kid n’ Play in their moving picture entitled House Party

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beat me to it

New employee training at the Ministry of Silly Walks.

I love, love, love the ridiculous Cold War era “disguises.”

Photo evidence Steve Jobs created Mark Frauenfelder by binary fission in a secret German laboratory.

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I believe this is a version of an old freemason “handshake”/ ‘token’.

I know, I know- but if you’re up on the prominence of fraternal organizations in the 20th century it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

BB guest blogger Mitch Horowitz wrote in depth on the subject, in his awesome book “Occult America”.

The picture comes from a 150 year old periodical, called “Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor”. Still cited, kindly, by some masons today.

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