Activist tricked into 6-year relationship with undercover cop tells her story

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How much evidence do we need before we decide authoritarian bootlicking is a bad thing?

Enough of this fucking madness.


Not only is this guy a terrible human being, he’s a terrible spy. Keeping his real passport in the glovebox? Okay, maybe the fake one wasn’t good enough to pass at actual border crossings. I can believe that, since the department running him didn’t create enough of a cover identity to fool even the eventual Nancy Drew level amateur sleuthing that Jones and her friends did, it’s plausible they were equally incompetent at counterfeiting.

But keeping his phone (with emails from his kids!) unlocked? Hell, my phone is locked and I don’t even have anything interesting to hide. Maybe he wanted to get caught.


When you have to resort to using methods the Stasi used regularly you’re doing it wrong …


Not just Stasi. Pretty much everybody.

I’d say when you’re using methods that work, chances are you’re doing it right…


He was using the real one after he left the police and his “fake” ids were withdrawn.

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The difference is that the US and the USSR used mostly short affairs or one time flings, more often as some sort of sexual black mail. The Stasis “Methode Romeo” preferred long term commitments, similar to the related article.

Doing it right or wrong is a matter of perspective. I think in a democratic system with civil rights it’s wrong to (use taxpayers money to) deceive, manipulate, spy and ultimately hurt/damage your own citizens for using their freedom of speech and association. Your view might differ…


And how many undercover cops do they have in place now?

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He’s a keeper…

[note sarcasm]

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Going by that photo, he was keeping an eye on more than just Lisa


Fuck you and your ends justify the means web bullshit.


He sees what you did there. And also over there…


I don’t understand what do you want to achieve.

Your take: “If your goal is to deceive a women in order to help infiltrate an organisation she is a member of, pretending that you love her and having a kid with her is more than likely going to solidify your cover.”

Everyone else: “That’s fucking horrible and immoral and the perpetrators should be criminally prosecuted.”

You: *blinks


Can someone tell me when “survivor” became PC for “victim”? I must have missed the memo. It bothers me when it’s used for all sorts of unpleasant but non-lethal events.


hmmm could I be an activist, and get the government to fund a girlfriend and relationship (and lots of going out to eat and stuff)???


That actually sounds like a tempting strategy…

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“I have lost a lot of optimism about all kinds of things,” she says. “Just the idea that the world is a good place, that love exists, that love is possible for me.”

Yeah. . . tell me about it.

Or do you…?

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I understand in Manchester they’d say he’s “skenning like a basket of whelks”.