The Art of Jane Mai


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These are great.
Just don’t cross the border with these on your laptop; some blue-nosed biddy with no talent and too much authority will want to make an example of you.

Any chance you could keep all NSFW content below the fold? :-/


NSFW? Hell, this is Child Porn in multiple countries and a few dozen US states.

Beyond that, it’s rather meh. But then again, it’s art, so no one opinion is any more valid than another.

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Countries and states with a very dirty mind. Sad countries and states.

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True (“no children were harmed…” etc, etc), but not as sad as those that take pleasure from such things.

I think that’s overstating it. The work is not purile, and it’s not graphic. Some may be titilated, but look around on the Internet and you’ll find people getting aroused by a plastic bag.

@nicolas: if you work in a place where this is nsfw, I suggest you not browse bb at work.


Haven’t people been arrested for stories they written about child-near-porn?

I kinda recall laws making porn where the actress looks young illegal.

Boing Boing isn’t NSFW, except when it is.

Um, maybe. I don’t know. Probably, at least somewhere at some point. But it’s not the artist’s or BB’s responsibility to judge whether or not the things posted here violate a particular reader’s community standards or local laws.

Quite. That’s not relevant to innocent Boingers who would like to avoid prosecution, however.

(Not sure if it’s what you’re doing, but it’s weird how often people assume that requests for NSFW warnings are because the requester is a prude.)


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