The art of Todd Nauck

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One of the local library’s children’s librarian overheard me telling my kids about how much I loved Power Pack as a kid when I found a collection on their shelves. Turns out, she’s the daughter of Louise Simonson (!!!) and step-daughter of Walt (!!!). Her daughter attends a small private school in town and they have an annual literature fair. In 2013 I took the kids and Walt was there with a big sketch pad and sharpies just banging out any weird thing any kid asked for. For free! I hung out at his table the entire time watching. He’s a talker, so it was fascinating hearing him talk about how he got into art when he was the kids’ age and how he really wanted to draw animals and dinosaurs for Disney. One kid asked him to draw a donkey and damned if it wasn’t spectacular. My kids each got one (Ms Fantastic and Two Face) and he even asked if I wanted one. I had to ask for classic Thor from his run (even though I think he wanted to draw me his IDW Thor).

Sorry this is slightly off topic, but artists that are able to just dash out amazing sketches blow my mind. Ones who are willing to give them away to kids (and over-enthusiastic adults) are heroes.

Here’s the Two Face he did, which was overall the best that day.

Note his signature. Apparently, he does it in the shape of a brontosaurus so he can always keep drawing dinosaurs. :heart:


Looks like Mr. Nauck should take or re-take an anatomy class, as Harley Quinn’s spine would snap in half before she could hold the pose he’s drawn.

Walt Simonson is such a gargantuan talent.

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I’m sorry to be one of “those guys” but I find the characterization that we “crank out art on demand” to be a little demeaning. It’s tough enough in Artist Alleys having to deal with people that question one’s pricing and want to bargain over it. Or worse, get their phone up close and take a nice photo so they don’t have to pay anything.

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No, yeah, that makes sense. I have the highest respect for comic artists. Hell, artist in general are awesome. Please know that I didn’t mean it negatively.

If anything, I’m inspired by their ability to produce quality work as quickly as they do. That’s more along the lines of what I meant.

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