The BBS drinking game


After being here for a while I think it’s time we had an official BBS drinking game to capture some of the fun and quirks of this place both for posterity and for newbies to get a feel for the place.

While this is a drinking game, alcohol is not necessary. Non-alcoholic beverages are an acceptable substitute. Either way, play at your own risk. THIS IS SPARTA!Your bladder will suffer.

If you’re going to mention a member, be sure to keep it fun and lighthearted. No personal attacks.
This is a wiki post, so if you have something to add, please edit this post to expand it.
The BBS only allows for 10 mentions in a post. If you add a new mention, you’ll need to remove the @ from an old mention.
Have fun!

Take a sip when:

  • @doctorow posts some well intentioned but misleading FUD
  • When an anonymous adverpost uses pronouns
  • When there’s an adverpost for smoking-related paraphernalia
  • @jlw curmudges
  • @nemomen posts a hedgehog-related picture
  • “Christ what an asshole”
  • “Late stage capitalism”
  • @beschizza posts a horrifying 'shopped Trump image
  • @Donald_Petersen goes off on a lengthy personal anecdote that’s almost but not quite entirely off topic, and just barely amusing enough to avoid flagging, which reminds me of this one thing my brother showed me outside Alfred Hitchcock’s old office on the Universal lot back in 1986…
  • slurp.gif
  • @Papasan offers a hearty “Roger That!”
  • @Mindysan33 or @Melizmatic posts the perfect reaction .gif
  • Arguing about the pronounciation of “gif”
  • Someone expreses their disappointment in BB.
  • “Gentleman” used in a post title (as a code word for “asshole”)

Down an entire bottle when:

@mention limit

You paying for my new liver? :wink:

Cause no way I can afford to drink that much. Unless we’re drinking gifahol*…

*pronounced jif-a-hol


Never said it had to be alcoholic. Either way, your bladder will suffer.


I wonder if we can get this made the new BB tag-line.


I apologize for the alcohol poisoning in advance.


Do avatars count? Nevermind, I’ll just assume they do.




These rules need to call out more behaviors of quirky regulars.

ETA: In a good natured ribbing sort of way.


Wow, this is not a game for lightweights!


Drink every time someone uses “the” correctly in a sentence.


I do that already!


I do this now and it’s not a game.

make the bad man stop


This happened only three times in 12 comments. Maybe that word you’re using just isn’t that common.




Don’t mind if I do!! Roll up the keg (I’ll be drinking the whole thing myself).


Roger That! Extra hearty!


I’m glad that you clarified that the drinks needn’t be alcoholic, ​because any one of those aforementioned occurrences ​could easily lead to alcohol poisoning, let alone any combinations thereof.



The problem isn’t that the word is one of the most common words in the English language, but rather that the human body can only take so much of the abuse we throw at it.


Helping you get more booze fluid in the glass…


Y’know, this reminds me of BBBBS Bingo.

Lemme bust out my card so I can play two games at once!