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Here’s a simple game to play; we’re going to come up with a way to get more clicks for BB by mashing up titles of articles! Every day, you pick two articles to mash up, and combine the titles in to a unique new title. Each person in this thread gets one “like” per day to give to one of the titles (no cheating!) and at the end of the week we tally the likes and see who had the best combined score from their five titles. Winner gets a fistfull of likes!


  • One post per day maximum.
  • Must combine two (and only two) titles from articles of that day
  • Must be a unique title (can use the same articles as someone else,
    but must combine differently)
  • Titles should link to articles
  • Every player must “like” one other title every day
  • People who don’t submit a title can still vote/like, but only once
    per day
  • Voting is open for at least 24 hours, later depending on when I check the board.
  • Game runs Monday to Friday this week
  • Scores are added up Saturday at noon for final score

Example: Carpenter, Cronenberg, and Landis on Sex Toy in Woman’s Vagina

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Gamers enraged by Woman’s vagina for 10 years


The investor said he didn’t invest in women, a Juggalo documentary [NSFW]


Ex-CIA Officials in Woman’s Vagina for 10 Years.


Video camera attached to Woman’s Vagina for 10 Years

Re-read TFR, deleted second one.

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The 1944 science fiction story that predicted sex lizard satellite


How to cut a bagel out of man’s bottom.

You will need a knife, a non-toxic marker, and some meth.


Amazon’s 100 Children’s Books to sex lizard satellite.

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Monday’s winner: @daneel!

How stoned is too stoned to have sex in your Comic-Con costume?


Steve Ballmer “fell out” of man’s bottom.


Nixon in China

Tuesday’s winner: @SamSam!

Little Girl is Sad Because Unemployed Graduates Living With Her Parents

Being a Comcast employee sucks as much as botched executions


NRA’s top lawyer bloopers reel.

Perhaps the votes should be tallied every 3 days instead of each day? It seems a little silly to have won with only two votes…

Also the requirement of Liking another post from the same day is a little tricky – I had liked something upthread, but see now that I should have liked something from the same day. Yet when you’re the second person to post that day, you’re a bit stuck.

Maybe until the ball gets rolling a little faster the windows should be open a little wider.

Yeah, those are good points. I think the lack of players/likers skews things. Maybe if it takes off more it’ll work better. I thought the idea of closing the voting the next day made sense so that people didn’t confuse one day’s entry with another, but I see now that doesn’t work exactly as I’d hoped. Hey, it’s all an experiment. At the end of the week we’ll figure out what went wrong and fix it for version 2.0. :smile:

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I like the goofing about with bbs mechanics.

Infinite Schwarzenegger Spider Terrorist.

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