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I was actually trying to think of ways to goof it more - like having everyone actually create a thread with their title and see how clickbaity it actually is for people, and then choose a winner based on actual clickstats, but I figured that would really mess with the boards.

Maybe at the end of the week we’ll be able to bring it all together in a “what you missed on boing boing this week” and actually mash some articles together or something. That might be funny.

I would like to like that mashup, but, like, I cant figure out the source articles

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Perfectly-timed Hippie in Israel

Little girl is sad because she doesn’t want Pomplamoose covers.


Voting is now open for 24 hours, more if I check the boards late. In other words, titles posted on Monday will be eligible for voting through Tuesday, and announced Wednesday when I log in sometime between 6am and noon.

Little girl is sad because she doesn’t want her cute baby brother to grow up to be an Infinite Schwarzenegger.

agree we should link stuff here, otherwise its impossible to tell what happened

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Standard International Rules, Millennial variant.
Anything closed prior to the JLE is playable with no effect on line velocity.

Dollis Hill.

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White House ‘accidentally emailed’ torture joke that has women howling with laughter

Like this?


US Army developing ‘pocket-sized’ spider terrorist


Yes like that!

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Humans are eating 29 Sumo wrestlers into extinction!

Watch Sen. Whitehouse, a badass, totally own 29 Sumo wrestlers on a plane


NSA notably uninvited to snoop on torture investigations

One cop in Seattle issues vinyl come-back

How to have cybersex on the moon!

NSA notably uninvited to have cybersex on the Internet.


Wednesday’s winner: @tropo!

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While I would have enjoyed the win, I think crenquis got more votes on this one:

12 Cool Parent-Child Projects: Every Flavor of Mad Dog


Ebola Plane Blown Apart by Truce Over Gaza: Situation Grave