The BBS drinking game


Drink every time someone uses “the” correctly in a sentence.


I do that already!


I do this now and it’s not a game.

make the bad man stop


This happened only three times in 12 comments. Maybe that word you’re using just isn’t that common.




Don’t mind if I do!! Roll up the keg (I’ll be drinking the whole thing myself).


Roger That! Extra hearty!


I’m glad that you clarified that the drinks needn’t be alcoholic, ​because any one of those aforementioned occurrences ​could easily lead to alcohol poisoning, let alone any combinations thereof.



The problem isn’t that the word is one of the most common words in the English language, but rather that the human body can only take so much of the abuse we throw at it.


Helping you get more booze fluid in the glass…


Y’know, this reminds me of BBBBS Bingo.

Lemme bust out my card so I can play two games at once!


Ooh those are some good ones. Big difference is in the drinking game, everybody loses.


Might need to update a couple of squares on that. Top right is gonna be tricky if you’re not @OtherMichael .


Check out @crenquis he was always dogging my heels when I was trying to run the game on down.


I wasn’t even tryin’


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Forgot to add;

Personally, I quite enjoy @Donald_Petersen’s anecdotal stories; even when they are completely off topic, I usually learn something.


Well, thank you!

Not to make it too much of a mutual appreciation society, but I always look forward to your posts. The insight is wise, the perspective is fresh, and the snark is bee-yoo-tiful, every damn time.


Thanks; I do try.

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Just to be safe, I had a dish of ice cream with vodka


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