The best 250 adventure novels of the 20th century

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Page bookmarked. If we’re quarantined for the next 12 years I might finish half of them.

Lists like this are made to be grumbled about because of omissions. I checked out the rest of the site and his list of the 100 Best Sixties Adventures didn’t include The Mad Scientists’ Club. Grumble.

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Geoffrey Household’s Rogue Male? Check.

Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising? Check.

Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin books? Only the one, The Mauritius Command (which I’m currently re-reading), but at least there’s one.

John Christopher? Two, The White Mountains (Tripods book 1), and one I’ve not heard of, The Prince in Waiting. Disappointed not to see The Death of Grass in there.

Frederick Forsyth’s The Day of the Jackal? No? How about The Dogs of War … still no? The Fourth Protocol? Seriously, nothing by him?

And not a single Bond novel?


Wait, no proper ebook for Marjorie Bowen’s Black Magic, just a horrible web page? :frowning_face:

That is a fantastic list, great work to Mr. Glenn putting it together and thanks @frauenfelder for posting!
I know it’s ordered chronologically but any list that begins with Conrad’s Nostromo wins me over straight away.

Umm, yeah!

(I know, just kidding, exception that proves the rule etc. ;-))

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Added Black Magic to my Goodreads list!

I wish he provided some commentary or notice about which of those books are racist or sexist, as many of them are. I hesitated to say this, but to ignore those issues just contributes to alienation.

The problem with lists of recommended books.

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