The best Bar Mitzvah music video invite you will ever see


That was brilliant. What a fun kid man!
Looks like his brother wasn’t enjoying it - party pooper!


oh my.

“You will be in your brother’s video, young man!”

“Okay, ma.”

The blurred lines section caught me off guard, but on the whole, great video!

Thought u guys would like this other bar mitzvah video, from way back n the day

Oh to be 15 again!

Too much bar, not enough mitzvah.


Oh, I thought it was going to be this one.

That kid knows him some Weird Al…all those songs were parodied by him, he’s just picking up the baton…or the scissors.

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Wonder if even half as much effort was put into learning his Torah portion as making the video?

Also what is it with the Reform movement and scarf style talisim?


You see them in Conservative shuls, too.

Maybe thats recent or a regional thing? I’ve not been in a Conservative shul in years and the last one I was in was in Tennessee. They used full size talisim but many women also wore them.

Since I’m more a Chabadnik, I’m accustomed to a talis the can cover two grown men with room for a child.

the blurred lines parody was totally worth the wait. That kid is game one. Sounds like a fun weekend for his friends and family.

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