The best children's music compilation record and turntable!

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I bet I know which Shel Silverstein song is included. (Note: totally safe for work. Call your friends, your neighbors, your kids and crank it up!)

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As kids, we had a small crappy suitcase record player and a stack of classics like the InkSpots and the Mills Brothers - along with a bunch of kids records that were bigger than a 45 but smaller than a full sized 78 rpm disc and also ran at 78 - the prize one of which was a dramatic reading of Little Red Riding Hood, accompanied by a Wurlitzer organ, and the record itself (thicker than the adult discs and probably capable of stopping a bullet) was coloured a deep rusty red. So cool. Red Riding Hood and Tubby The Tuba would, inevitably, take a back seat to some lads from Liverpool.

When my own son was young I made a point of getting him a crappy little turntable and showing him how to make a speaker from a cone of paper with a pin taped to the end. Analog gear should always be played with rather than merely accepting the “magic” of closed digital devices. You can’t put a CD or a USB stick on the end of a pencil and make music by spinning it against a fingernail - but the true “magic” happens when you can do that and also take a magnifying glass to see the rippled grooves that make the sound.

And the Wurlitzer was cool too.

“Pull the bobbin, child, and the latch will fly up!”

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Even as a kid I loathed Silverstein.

So I don’t know how to embed youtube videos in comments, but I honestly have to pull a Kanye here.

Best compilation record? Fine. Best children’s album of all time? Gotta be ‘Through Children’s Eyes’ by the Limeliters.

Find me another record where each song is pound for pound as good.

No less than two songs from Harry Nilsson’s The Point!

I don’t get why Third Man which seems to love records and spreading the love for records and creating unique collectible records, insists on promoting the shitest most record destroying turntables in the world.

There are better quality cheap turntables that don’t damage records out there.

Folk musicians have a long, proud history of putting out excellent children’s albums. John Prine, Peter, Paul & Mary, etc.


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