The Best of the Year stop motion animation on Vimeo goes to...

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Can someone please confirm what “Best of the Year” Vimeo award is being referred to here?
Is it this one?

Edit to add: Yes, this is Vimeo’s Best Videos of the Year, announced just yesterday.

Dina Amin’s animation “What’s inside the things we throw away” for I Fix It is among the 19 winners, but it is not clear if there are categories or not. They are all listed as winners, and there is at least another stop-motion winner.


I guess PES must have gone out of business if they didn’t sweep stop-motion animation shorts. Did Shaun the Sheep get sheared, too?

Touting a “Best of Vimeo” award winning video by linking to a copy of the video on YouTube?

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It looks like the category is “Made for Social: Small Business”

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Thank you. Maybe @garethb2 should edit the title and description of the BB article.

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Thank you @garethb2 for the article. I just saw it, and as people have mentioned I did not win the animation category but the “Made for Social: Small Business”. It just happens to be a stop motion animation. The animation category winner is Sam Gainsborough for his short film “Facing It”. May you please amend the article?

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Fixed. Sorry for the confusion.

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