The best white pen is the Uniball Signo Broad

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I much prefer the Signo Bit - especially for writing in Japanese - but sadly it’s no longer made.

Did they make it in white, though?

No idea. I had red, blue, and black. I even had several in reserve since I had to order them from Japan and I knew they were being discontinued. Sadly they all dried up before I could use them. :frowning:


kickstarts a gel pen humidor


That’s the white pen Sarah Palin uses to autograph her buses!


I’m sure you could find an audience/market with bullet journalers, scrap bookers, and sundry others.

You said it works great on dark paper – we use paint pens to write on DVDs at our library so they won’t disappear. How does it handle plastics and other slick surfaces?

So the DVDs become… invisible?

But the ink you scribbled on them… remains visible?

This is a very interesting problem and solution, thank you for sharing!


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Is there a thread here for What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name Pen Name, Book Title? Because “White Out over Higgins Ink” sounds like the title of a YA mystery novel :grinning:

Somehow this all got me thinking about the children’s book The Secret Pencil by Patricia Ward (1959).

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Aw, c’mon. Most otters are freakin’ adorable.


Yes, but have you tried writing with one? They get bored too quickly, and fishy pawprints don’t really meet professional standards.


There otter be a way!

You have to use females – he otters are terrible.


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