Tactical paper

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Gotta disagree with that. Sakura pens are awesome and available in many colors that will really pop on that paper.
There are even some where the ink puffs up while drying.


Dwight intensifies

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This is interesting - it claims to be laser printer compatible, but is there a supply of white toner? I would never have considered it before this.


Well, it is 8.5 x 11.

If size equates to being compatible.

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Legion makes a great black Watercolor paper. It’s really cool stuff. It just has such a beautiful hand feel, and while pigments have to be really, really deep, it’s amazing how well it works with color pencils and other mediums.


(Blick’s sells a really, really cute 2x3 10 sheet mini-notepad sampler. :slight_smile: )
(Watercolor paper is really, really thick, so it normally comes with a lot fewer sheets per package.)

Uniball Signo metallic pens are amazing on black (I use them for pen plotter stuff all the time).

The best black paper/card imho is Fabriano “Black Black”, which is actually so black it made me cry the first time I used it. https://fabriano.com/en/540/black_black.

Signo Broad White pen on “Black Black”


Oooh, thanks for this, I’m going to have to check this paper out too!

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I’ve not seen white printer ink or toner outside of VERY expensive machines. If there were an easy and inexpensive method, I’d be all over it.


Wait when did “tactical” steal all the cool black stuff from us goths? Clearly this should be called Goth Paper. Especially when paired with my silver/blue ghost gel pen.


And likewise, that BlackBlack looks very interesting, going to have to give that a try! :slight_smile:

OH - I get it NOW - it’s all just become clear, at last! Tactical = Goth.
All those tactical things are really Goth things!
Why didn’t they just say so?
It’s like the time I didn’t get the memo that ‘wicked’ meant ‘good’.
Whoever makes these linguistic determinations really needs to up their memo-distributing game.

FYI, this from today’s Guardian:


Tactical = goth + pockets


Tactical = Matt black + straps & velcro
Goth = Matt & shiny black + straps & buckles


No, but there are color laser printers! :stuck_out_tongue:

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There is a lot more crossover than I would have thought. There was a big group of goths locally who were doing a Umbrella Corps Security force cosplay group, so a lot of that kind of bled over in the club. There’s also the BDSM military fetishists, and the DIY Punk element who has been going into the A&N stores for decades to buy stuff to convert; and all the fascination with personal protection equipment - much of which is army surplus.

If I’m going to run into a tacticool tactifool, I very much hope they are Goth; we get along a lot better that way… :slight_smile:

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You should hear what they call Goths! :wink:
(But I very much like this term.)


We’re always looking for pens we can use to label our CDs and DVDs, many of which have dark graphics that are hard to make visible marks on with a standard Sharpie. Metallic pens work ok, but easily gum up, and a lot of them wear off quickly.

Yes, they exist, no they don’t look good on black. There is a slight translucence that makes it look bad. We usually recommend going with a really dark blue which doesn’t show through as well. If someone wants a real black it is usually a better idea to print the black on a white sheet with a knockout for any white.