The Big Hut's Chick

After making the hen-legged hut, and getting a cold shoulder from true LEGO fans because the hut was made of mixed bricks, I was pretty discouraged. But still, I liked the build and wanted to expand it. So, probably inspired by classic Russian claymation "Last Year's Snowfall" ("Падал прошлогодний снег", here's a link to part II where relevant scene takes place), and also by the trend of mini-builds, I decided to make a smaller hut - a hut-chick, so to say. After finishing the build, I saw that it's too small to house a minifig, so I had to make a "balcony" for the inhabitant. And then I thought "what if this balcony will also be the witch's flying mortar"? (Yes, in Russian fairy tales Baba Yaga, the inhabitant of the hen-legged hut, also employs a flying mortar as a vehicle: So, it's detachable, and when you attach it, you can make it so it blocks or allows the rotation of the hut on the legs.

I think what I ended up with turned out pretty cool. I even wanted to film a video, but had no means. So I made this animated gif you can see on top instead (by the way, I used a stand made of LEGO to fix my phone, used as a camera, in place).



Don’t be. It’s pretty awesome and you should continue to irk the purists at every available opportunity. :smile:


Okay, the video is up, too:

LEGO Trufans, to be appropriately snarky.

By the way, here’s an alternative community about LEGO-like bricks of different nature:

I really want it to grow, so if any of you is on reddit and is in “non-legal” LEGO, welcome!

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