Lego prosthetic leg

One of AmputeeOT’s followers challenged her to make a prosthetic leg out of Lego. In terms of practicality, it’s a bit of a chocolate teapot. But she sure has fun with it, and that’s what matters. She notes “Please don’t do this yourself, I don’t want you to fall and get hurt!” AmputeeOT: My Legoleg… READ THE REST

I remember lego. The agony of stepping on one barefoot still haunts my dreams.

I was just about to say that only a true masochist would voluntarily step on Lego.

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It would’ve been nice of @doctorow to mention @noahdjango 's [post][1]…

Like I said in reply to that, this could almost be a goer with Technic.
[1]: Duck with 3D-printed prosthetic foot

Stealth Soviet Russia joke?

Cool lady.

thanks, dude! i assumed he found it without reading my comment and decided to let it go, although i admit it did bother me. which is silly. but, thanks to you having my back, people know i was first and i can still pretend i’m above such petty emotions :slight_smile:

I don’t see how it could be a stealthy soviet Russia joke. You’d have to explain.
Nope I was being relatively sincere. When I get annoyed with my brother (who has a toddler who inherited our own lego) I say “I hope you step on a lego” we both shudder, have a chuckle, and the tension is defused.

I’m just here for my daily dose of amputee porn.

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Well, she put a lot of effort into being able comfortably step on … more than one.

Hey, isn’t it super-cool how we can see how many times that link was clicked?

I like this board. image

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In Soviet Russia Lego steps on you.


[quote=“LDoBe, post:8, topic:2268”]
You’d have to explain.
[/quote]Oh, geez.

FWIW, i got it. and I lul’d.

The Technic angle was the second thing that occured to me as well, after first laughing in delight (sometimes, you NEED to dump em all out on the floor). No lateral stability in that build! Great for sizing, but someone needs to get her some technic and see what she can make of it. If you must go cyborg - human-lego cyborg is clearly the way to go.

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