Worker and Peasant: iconic Soviet monument in "lego"


I actually got used to it, but sometimes I think that the people who visit Moscow might get Gotham vibe from “Рабочий и колхозница” (Worker and Kolknoz Woman, or Worker and Peasant which sounds a bit better in English):

When I decided to make a “lego-compatible” version of this group, I checked and found out that some guy already did it, but paying more attention to the pedestal:

So I tried to do the figures, and here’s my minimalistic approach:


Lego - check.
Deconstructed interpretation of iconic image with unintentional cubist (blockist?) influence - check
Clean-Cut, Square-Jawed Heroes of the Working People leading us Bravely Forward into a Bold New Future - check.

Nooo… no reasons at all why I should like this a whole lot…



You might get more fidelity if you build at a different scale. It’s always a problem in Minecraft.


I looked at the base I had and decided that’s the scale I want.


I’d say constructivist.


Project on Cuusoo Brick now, please vote! Need just 99 votes to have it considered for production.


There’s a competition for the title of “Official LEGO Photographer” taking place in Russia:
Even those who won’t become the Official Photographer may win some sweet LEGO prizes and fame, so I entered with a photo of my mini-monument next to its prototype.

You can like it here:, if you have Instagram.


Hey, here’s an animated render representing how I imagine this model when and if it’s produced.

I need only 82 more votes for the project to get into next stage. Warning: you need to register at the site to vote.


There’s a sale on Teepublic, if you for some reason wanted to have a t-shirt or a hoodie with a LEGO Soviet monument (or some other strange art drawn by my wife), go here:


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