Why stepping on Legos hurts like hell


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I haven’t WTFV, (because who has time for that?), but is it something more esoteric than because the fucking corners are really sharp? 3-pin uk plugs on the instep also hurt like a bastard, in a different way to Lego bricks.


I thought it was because how many times have I told you to pick those f&@!$#@ing things up off the g$#@n floor?!?!?!


English accent…says ‘Lego s


Legos is just wrong. Like Octopuses.



Yes. It should be a fifth declension noun, like ‘leo’. Singular ‘lego’, plural ‘legones’.

[PS: I have fixed leges -> legones. Hic sunt legones - here be legos. Finger trouble.]


Back when I was a Goth child, I’d step on Lego, just to see if I could still feel something, you know?


These octopuses would like a word with you…


So, uh, what is the plural of Octopus?

My distinction was that lego is an uncount noun, like coffee or rice.


“Whose are these legerum?”


Plural of Lego == Lego Bricks


As I’ve stated before:

The “answer” this time is because our feet are sensitive and legos are small and hard, with blah blah blah. 8.8 giga-pascals of pressure. If our feet are so damn sensitive, why doesn’t it hurt to walk?

My take is that it is because they are so tall and small and thus exert a shearing force. I think that probably most of the time you step on a lego it doesn’t hurt and you don’t really notice, so there is more going on here than they ‘explain’. The real answer is probably because we don’t step on anything else small and hard with our bare feet.


So, uh, what is the plural of Octopus?


And Lego is definitely uncounted, like moose


The Greek philosopher?


Or sheep…?

I’ve always considered Lego as “a piece of lego” as well as “I’m going to play with my lego”, similar to “a sheep in a field” or a “field of sheep”.

Is Lego (plural) a British thing then, or just a general poh-tay-toe/poh-tah-toe thing?


Why? Because they’re small, hard, generally sharply angular, and knobbly. It’s the same reason why stepping on a d4 or a sharp pebble hurts.


I’ve stepped on plenty of toys in the dark (they always hurt more in the dark for some reason) including Lego bricks. My son was little during the height of the Masters of the Universe/He-Man craze. If you want to experience true pain, try stepping on a Spikor action figure in the wee hours of the morning.