These are the relaxing sounds of Lego

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The sound of legos getting dumped out is just…one of the worst. Duplos are even worse though. That would be what we should’ve put on the Voyager records if we wanted to scare away the big bad aliens.

i’m a huge lego fan who owns 50-60,000 bricks. in my 6th grade classroom i kept a box of bricks on the back shelf for kids to play with in their spare time. some kids just liked piking some up and dropping them back over and over. i understand the appeal, it was soothing.


Where’s The Shriek?

I agree. I love lego. Use the existence of my kid as an excuse to buy more of it quite often. But my tinnitus doesn’t like the sounds at all. Digging through a trough of lego is LOUD.

No track of “The Trodding” which is only the sounds of stepping on them barefoot and the pained reaction?

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