The Big List of What's Wrong with the TPP


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Well fuck me…
Will I need to get copyright permisssion for that saying if the TPP passes?


only some 50 list points? I though TPP had more agreement clauses?


Yeah I thought that too, but this looks like it’s focusing only on the digital rights parts. We could also talk about the environmental parts, like how ISDS seems to mean* that companies** won’t suffer any losses for whatever we do to address climate change and environmental degradation. Citizens pay, stockholders don’t.

(* Seems to, because I haven’t read this 2000+ page behemoth document.)

(** Which companies? I guess those incorporated in nations which are signatories to the agreement, which makes me wonder how those companies being reincorporated in tax havens like Ireland are getting in on the deal.)


TTIP is following right behind TPP.

That will include Ireland.


“Fans putting on a themed party or cosplay based on a character from a favorite show or movie could be forced to pay a penalty or have images from it removed from the Internet.”

That should kill what’s left of TV as we know it, hopefully.


The Big List of What’s Wrong with the TPP

Surely the list of what’s good about about TPP would be far shorter/concise (well, if any examples exist that is)


From the top of my head, I can think of two positive things about those international trade deals:

  1. Each trade pact is expected to boost global economic growth by 0.0000243%. Plus or minus five percentage points.

  2. The current draft does not contain a mandatory death penalty for copyright infringement.

That’s about it.


Ooh, a third thing - it abbreviates to a nice short three letters!


The big list of what won’t get approved in the TPP:

Any questions?


“A transcendentally difficult process?” That makes it sound like doing a triathlon or beating Deep Blue at chess or meditating in the base of an 80-foot waterfall. You might be thinking more along the lines of “a stupefyingly tedious but neccesary task.”


Hadn’t thought of that.

Probably because as a European, I’m naturally much more worried about TTIP, which is just like TPP, but with four letters and with Europeans instead of Asians.


I have a much shorter list: everything.


Gotta have a TLA!


#What’s your favorite part of the TPP?


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