The BioLite CampStove 2 - how it burns wood like gas, and converts heat into electricity

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I want to scale this idea up and power my home with it.

The ‘Base Camp’ pizza dome accessory is fantastic too.

On a fire related note, I bought a Kindling Cracker (designed by an awesome 13 yr old girl) last year and splitting kindling has never been easier.

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I would be an early backer.

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It was developed from a CPU cooler gone horribly wrong. (alt-fact)

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What I like best about this is that the gadget looks like a Star Trek prop. Spaceship lander legs, plastic housing tacked onto slotted chrome body.

After a few years of use it will look grotty and stained and appear like a Star Wars prop.


Not a good idea to depict that being used indoors.


Tried a similar contraption a couple years ago while camping in the remote Rockies. It failed miserably. Luckily we had Ezbit tabs to fall back on (

Hope this is better, b/c it’s a great idea.

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