The Blue Danube Wharrgarbl


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You will believe a dog can fly!


That was delightful! I could almost smell the damp fur.


If any neologism ever deserved to be added to the Oxford English Dictionary, it’s “wharrgarbl”.



Man, those dogs have beautiful teeth.


Our happy friends with fangs.

One of the cool things about having your own dog is being able to liesurely look at their teeths and paws and ears and appreciate how mammal parts can evolve so differently.

(Not my dog, just funny.)


Such majestic creatures.


That’s good because someone put it together wrong.


The caption for the Tweet I got that from read “Read instructions before assembling your German Shepherd Dog.”

Apparently a common problem:


It’s a common occurrence with dogs


I really like the bit at the start where Dog A was blocking the flow of water from reaching Dog B.


I’ve heard they tried this with cats once, but nobody survived to confirm it was true.


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