THE BUREAU: Part Three, "Assessing Others" — with a Metasonix D-2000 Vacuum Tube Drum Machine


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Your supervisor would like to speak with you today at 10:53am. Good thing you have a great tasting sandwich to deal with that unreasonable feedback.


So is this an ad for things I can’t afford…


Yeah but give the episodes a listen, I just had them on and they are pretty cool ambient.


I’ll always vote up Metasonix though, even if I can’t afford most anything they talk about on Muff’s.


Fun fact: after I improved the Wikipedia article on Metasonix in 2011, Eric Barbour became one of my most dedicated cyberstalkers.


Cyberstalker in the good way or the bad way?


The latter. He apparently despises Wikipedia, so I became the object of his ire.


Hey Andrea - Genuinely sorry about that - I only use Metasonix stuff and don’t represent any of it, but am aware of Eric’s wikipedia behavior. (His rants are well known for their fixation: - I think his ire for open source encyclopaedias are only rivaled by his opinion of guitarists and moog users, irony being he has a large moog and plays guitar.

I think that’s tamed down somewhat but it was certainly in high gear some years back. My apologies, especially if you were just editing an article on the company, absolutely.


Ha - Just for clarification, not an ad for Metasonix in the slightest (i.e. nothing paid for) - Merely a praising bit of text to the design of the equipment. Let’s call it a review.

Thanks, Nick! Have a very good day.


I certainly don’t blame you for some creepy guy’s obsessive behavior! Plenty of people who do interesting things are obsessed creeps. He’s neither the first nor the last I’ll see as an Extremely Online Lady, to be sure.


Geez, I’m sorry. The modular scene really seems to coddle some shitty attitudes.

  1. You have to tune it like a string instrument.
  2. You have to wrestle with the equipment like it’s machinery.
  3. You are beguiled and charmed by it.

This sounds like a particularly unpleasant text-based RPG.


You’re forgetting the cost of modules. You’ll pay as much as a fair string instrument for a rack as well.


EOL should be one of the badges on BBS.


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