THE BUREAU: Part Seven, "Lockdown in the Building, News of an Active Shooter Near the Cafeteria" — with Mr Quintron's Circuit-Bent Guitars

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Hey Ben - Use the FAST test to check for the most common symptoms!

F ace: Smile and see if one side of the face droops.
A rms: Raise both arms. Does one arm drop down?
S peech: Say a short phrase and check for slurred or strange speech.
T ime: If the answer to any of these is yes, call 911 right away!

(Said with humor)

Some fun addendum material:

Here’s the original packaging material on the TYCO Hot Lixx computerized electric guitar, promising “you’ll make great sounding music … without a single lesson”

The packaging for the RADIO SHACK guitar is less exciting, but also touts its own technology, a “built-in amplifier” and “three-switch tempo”.

I was curious about all and/or any connections to Quintron’s music with these guitars last night and (glory to the Internet) someone compiled a club listing of No Wave bands and locations in 1994-1996. A billing called “Hott Lixx” performed twice: April 20, 1995 and April 28, both at Milk of Burgundy (Quintron’s club)


All hail rock n roll. These really are amazing and intelligent pieces of circuit-bending, too.

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