The Cat Organ will haunt your nightmares, if you are a cat


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Is it really a cat organ if cats aren’t being routinely harmed during the course of operation?


I dunno… something tells me those aren’t real cats…

… or they are drugged.


I’m guessing songs from “The Lion King” and “Cats” were too melodically complicated to attempt.

(FWIW – from a technical standpoint he probably opened up each cat toy and tuned the reed that makes the “meow”, if you’ve ever tuned a Wurlitzer electric piano you’ll understand the process-- not complicated but tedious. I once tuned a plastic toy Magnus “air organ” in the same manner, so I know it can be done with plastic reeds.)


Mouse Organ…


…for now. Muahahahaha!


In addition to how inhumane that would be, it’s also incredibly impractical.

How do you keep the cats from meowing between key-presses?


Reminds me of Marvin Zuggs and the Muppetfone




Strangely moving.


So that’s what Larry Fine is up to these days.


You weren’t kidding. It’s disturbing to the core of my physical being.


The Cat Organ will haunt your nightmares, if you are a cat


Get Keyboard Cat to play it, and the Internet will be complete.



Bonus: Brian Blessed was in attendance. I can imagine the sound of his laugh.


That answers a question probably no one ever asked - how do you make a prince cry?

He’s probably long over the whole “I’ll never be king” thing, right?


This is so wrong


Surprised a Nick Cave fan hasn’t shown up with this yet:

/full glory to Muppetfone and the Pythons’ Mouse Piano though = : )


I enjoyed watching/listening at double speed.