The children's fantasy series currently dominating my family is

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A 6 wait week on Libby is “huge”? That’s something I’d add to the queue just because it’s going to be available so quickly. Everything I really want is 6-9 months backlogged. It’s almost as bad as getting on the hold list for the physical copy.


Glad I’m using my library.


Even as a kid, I wasn’t much for kid lit. Sure, I read The Hardy Boys, but that was mostly for practice (comic books were something else entirely). I’ve been told that I came home from kindergarten absolutely furious that they weren’t going to teach me to read that year. I memorized The Raven in 4th grade and attempted to read Moby Dick (which I now adore, but it was way too much of a slog at the time). So I kind of avoided kid lit for years. Until that damned Harry Potter thing absolutely dominated the NYT best seller list, having 5 books in the top 10 for a spell (the NYT finally gave up and created a children’s best seller list). At that point, I had to figure that there were way more than just children reading it, so I gave it a go. “Mr and Mrs Dursley of Number 4 Privet Dr were proud to say they were perfectly normal thank you very much.” I fell in love right there.


The Thrawn books are pretty great.

My 8 year old nephew has been tearing his way through all of the Jack Sparrow books (apparently there’s a ton of them). I gave him the first book of the Spiderwick Chronicles and he promptly got the whole series to read. Once he’s done with that, Keeper of the Lost Cities is a great recommendation, as is Wrinkle in Time.

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The hold for the physical copy is longer.

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