The CIA is psyopsing America to help torturer Gina Haspel get the job of CIA boss


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Isn’t Gina Haspel coming out with a cook book?


How to Serve Man


Chapter 1:
Methods and tactics for tenderizing meat




We tortured some folks, then we had them over for dinner.


…refusing to declassify documents that their Senate oversight committee wants made available to the public.

Fine. Assume the worst.


It’s only a police state if someone complains. If they get their way, no one will dare complain! (no one who matters, anyway!)


From a recent Intercepted podcast:


But on the other hand, she is a woman breaking one hell of a glass ceiling. And she’s a career professional, well-qualified in experience and competence metrics, unlike most Trump appointees. It could just as easily be someone from Fox News; or a raving conspiracy theorist. He could try to appoint Sara Huckabee Sanders for Pete’s sake.




No wonder the CIA wants her at the top. It has always been in the business of protecting itself and only gathers enough information to keep justifying its budget. The nice thing about being so secret is that no one can see just how little of the budget actually goes into intel gathering instead of some cruel pantomime of it.


And sticking the shards under detainees’ fingernails.

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