The Coen Brothers' Ballad of Buster Scruggs looks like too much fun


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I will watch anything that Joel and Ethan Coen had a hand in

Same here. Not always a 10, but nearly enough. Along with Martin McDonagh, the best film-makers on the planet.


Saul Rubinek!


Always a pleasure to see.


For me, their movies are either home runs or strike outs and there’s nothing in between. I love every frame of Big Lebowski but I don’t think I’ve ever seen all of Miller’s Crossing because I can’t stay awake.


See, this is one of the things I don’t like about Netflix making movies. If they cared about people seeing this movie, they would try to get it into more theaters, but no, they really only care about getting more people to subscribe to Netflix.


Wait. So you don’t want them making more things, because they want people to subscribe to their service and watch the things they make?

So when Disney makes another Marvel or Star Wars film you are not going to go pay to see it because they only are making those films so you will pay and go see it and they can make money off it…right?


I loved Millers Crossing, but maybe I should revisit it. The Ladykillers is pretty horrible though.

Brendan Gleeson should be bigger than he is (fame-wise I mean, not physically), I assume he’s better known on the other side of the pond, but he’s great in every movie I’ve seen him in.


I am catching a whiff of Rustlers’ Rhapsody


They don’t really care if more people see the things they make, as long as people subscribe to their service. They are deliberately withholding content from a wider audience to expand their subscriber base. It sucks. I don’t care if a studio makes money off art, but I do have a problem if a studio pushes customers onto a single tightly controlled (and monitored) platform that you have to subscribe to if you ever want to watch the film, and continue to subscribe to forever if you ever want to watch the film again.


I cannot even comprehend how you are going to deal with what is basically the entire future of distribution of media services then. Good luck with that.


This too shall pass.


And Tyne Daly! My money’s on this section being a humorous ghost story.


Well, gee. Miller’s Crossing is definitely one of my favorite Cohen films.


I’ll watch anything with Tom Waits in it.


Two in the hat! Miller’s Crossing is great. But I’d guess most Coen Bros fans would put Ladykillers at the bottom of the list.


Agreed, though I hope Tom Hanks gets another chance with the Cohens. The potential for a good film is still there.


Reminds me of a Primus video.


Just as other movie studios “withhold” content from Netflix because they want audiences to pay to see their movies in the theaters or buy them on Blu-ray and digital download.


Sony for example. They at one point pulled all of their movies off Netflix because they didn’t want Xbox users to be able to stream them. The compromise after that was that certain newish Sony movies would stream everywhere but Xbox.

I am not sure where this lies now. Maybe Sony has gotten over it? Then again, betting on Sony has pulled their head out of their ass is a great way to lose their shirt.