The company that made Grenfell Tower's flammable, poisonous insulation used dangerous lies to make hundreds of sales

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But it’s okay because no rich people died :angry:




O yeah…

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I’m sorry, this one is squarely on the shoulders of who ever runs that housing program, and the planning and development department that approved it, and the building inspectors who approved it’s installation, and the fire marshall for missing this when the plans were inspected. Unless you are saying that everyone was lied to all the way through the process of planning, approving, constructing and inspecting a building. Somebody gave the C.O. for that place - I had heard initially that this exterior cladding was chosen solely for it’s cost - to save the housing program money.

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That would mostly be Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council, which has been controlled by the Conservative Party since it’s formation in 1964.


The real money’s always been in lying. Problem is that the money didn’t justify the lies, but since the 1980s, accumulating wealth by any and all means, including BS, is the new ideal.
In other words, no surprise here. Just the new normal, where an elite accumulating money is more important than peoples’ lives – and it’s state-sanctioned.

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