The company that turned Grenfell Tower into a deathtrap reports profits up 50% and anticipates no downside from the disaster

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That’s capitalism working: risk takers get to reap the rewards. /s


There are Goddamned motherfucking reasons why we are supposed to have functioning governments and this is one of them. This is what you get when the government, your government, is small enough to drown in a bathtub. You die. [of course I realize that this is Britain and I’m talking American, but dammit, conservatives are the same everywhere]


For all those moaning this is a late-stage capitalism thing, it’s not - it’s a braindead EU legal thing. And I can’t believe I just said that in public.

The EU mandated a number of the specs for the inner and outer layers of the skin applied to the building, both of which were certified 30 minutes fire resistant in independent testing. And yes, that is just as bullshit as it sounds because no idiot thought that sticking an nice chimneahemair gap between the two layers would change that, and it wasn’t until recently that they were actually tested as they had already been installed on a LOT of buildings around the EU. So yeah, this isn’t a late-stage capitalism thing, it’s an over-complex legislation run by idiots who refused to move fast enough to fix their faults problem.

Yeah, it was known that the tests showing how dangerous this cladding was had happened, but changing the spec to fix the problem before the EU changed the specs would have resulted in anyone who installed it being sued and fined by the EU. Now, I’m not one of those raging anti-EU types at all, I facedesked so hard when I heard the Brexit results (after voting Remain) that I needed a nosejob and a new table, but pointing the finger at the landlords, councils, contractors or anyone else involved in actually put this cladding up is merely apportioning blame where it shouldn’t be.

Most British Conservatives are conservative, but the Republicans are almost completely reactionary now.


Do you have a link for that?

It’s not that I believe the EU is perfect (far from it, I voted remain as a member of DiEM25), but after years of UK tabloid lies I don’t trust any unsourced claims about EU laws anymore.


I will see what I can find out, I will admit my source for this information is my Dad, but he’s a landlord and a retired industrial chemistry expert who taught the Germans how to be efficient. Then again, he did vote Conservative in the last election, so… yeah, take that one as unproven until actual solid evidence appears.

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