The Contrapoints free speech video the right doesn't want you to see!

I’ve been watching this youtuber Contrapoints and, like, they’re great you’ll love all of their stuff.

But their latest video “Does the Left Hate Free Speech? (Part 1)” got flagged and removed. Why is that?! Did some good samaritan just think it was too bizarre to stay up on the internet? Possibly!
More likely some people took issue with its thesis, that it’s hypocritical to advocate for the speech of marginalized reactionary political groups (like nazis) and not advocate for the speech of marginalized social classes (like trans people).

This mirror is blowing up. Praise to the streisand effect.


What an interesting and provocative person. I don’t see an easy answer to these questions, except to notice the troll-right loves to throw out an accusation of intolerance, only to watch the left tear itself to pieces. It doesn’t work the other way. If I accused Steve Bannon of not being racist enough, no fascist professors would denounce him in their classrooms.

The hard right has never been friends of freedom or democracy. It’s a ruse.


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The notion that either “the left” or “the right” represent easily encapsulated values and strategies is itself awfully simplistic. But simplistic works for generating nontroversy in this media landscape.

“Wait a minute! Somebody flipped the script! Aren’t group A “supposed to be” like Z?”

That’s not very clever when the script was only another media stereotype in the first place. Many on the right are unable (and even unwilling) to discern between the liberal and non-liberal left, between socialism and communism, etc - and they always hand-wave confusion away because there is no pretense that there is any real criticism of actual positions going to happen. Rather, it’s blanket generalities designed to stick to a generic ideological foe.

For example, I know some locals who are gun nuts, who were horrified in March to read that a contingent of lefty protesters at an Arizona protest were armed. And when I pressed them about what they found so disturbing, it was a vague feeling that “It’s hypocritical, liberals always claim to be anti-gun.” So where did this impression come from? Self-affirming mumblings in the media, or their network of friends? I pointed out that some liberals having an anti-gun position says nothing about anarchists at that protest. And what of their own hypocrisy, of being pro-gun until they see it embraced by some camp they don’t like/understand?

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