The curious effect of 457 mph wind on a man's face


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They won’t show you the 500mph video. Guy’s face came off in strips.


Well, that’s my go-to gif for the religious topics.



Did they just keep ramping up until the test subject’s face ruptured?

This seems a bit sadistic.


“The end” is rather telling isn’t it?


Important research for development of ejection seats. The planes were transitioning from propellers to jets, with correspondingly faster airspeeds, and added difficulties for the pilots to get out of a doomed craft.


I prefer this version:

It’s Peter Murphy!


C’mon, where’s that DIY spirit Mutants? Get out your leafblower and submit some “selfies”


457 mph is mighty close to 200 meters per second. I reckon communists have infiltrated Langley, Mister President…

Orchestra: dan-dan-DAAN!


See, I knew he’s a woodnymph or something, look at how attractive he remains even when his bark is pulled back!


“… and, at full speed, his head landed three quarters of a mile away…”


Makes me think of this:


That’s what my face looked like when I was confronted by the fact that the “French” have 257 cheeses.


That was the one where they threw some sand into the wind tunnel.


The curious effect of 457 mph wind on a man’s face

…is to make him look like Christian Bale?


The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind…

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