Watch white-knuckle speed flying through narrow gorges

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So fun!!!

Inversions though… how does that work?

What a bunch of irresponsible fools - I get they are seeking adrenaline but flying into a fog/cloud at that speed so close to the ground?! That’s just Darwin award level idiocy. He was flying blind and he wouldn’t even know what he has hit while the rescue services were scraping him off some rock wall, potentially endangering themselves too.


Well, only really irresponsible if they leave their DNA in the next generation.


I think they felt they had to put in 25-cuts/second to make the video exciting. And yet I somehow get the idea that the source footage is not actually that boring :confused:

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I think the force of the pilot moving upwards pulls on the wing enough to keep it inflated. Another fun (looking) maneuver that I didn’t see in the video is the sat, which is a high speed downward spiral where the pilot and wing look like they are rotating around each other.

I can see both sides. If you’re already watching tons of these videos you’re probably using the right arrow key to skip ahead, but in the genres I’m less familiar with I watch at normal speed or even jump backwards to pull out additional details.

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Oh absolutely! You can find wingsuit videos that show the entire flight, so why not these guys?

You want foolish irresponsibility at high speeds close the ground? Here you go:

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The extremely low margin for error is why so many of these guys go splat

Holy moly!


There can be only one.

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…but how do you follow the china fly-through

I still prefer the Crack video. But I think that’s probably because it merges so well with the AN song.

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music makes a whole difference

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I hoping they have no family so that when they die, they’ll be less pain inflicted.

But your point is just as valid. Hopefully, they don’t pass on these Jackass genes to further generations.

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