Ride along with a wingsuit pilot as he demonstrates insane precision flight skills


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Fearless and impressive. Thanks for the share.

I am dissapoint.

While the wingsuit flying is amazing, I came here to see Xeni tagging along behind him in a wingsuit as well.

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Squirrel suit, not squirrel suit.

I love all things B.A.S.E., skydive and wingsuit. There’s a great documentary on Netflix titled “Birdmen” which has tons of this type of stuff. It starts slow but gets insane about 20 minutes in, once you get past the history segment:

But also note, there is the expected dark side to this activity… I won’t post links because the videos are graphic, but googling Dwain Weston or Shane McConkey (who also has a biopic on Netflix) will provide a flip side to the video posted here.

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It’s fairly old now (almost 4 years, good grief!) but still obligatory …


Nothing would convince me to hold that target.



(Because just ‘Fuck.’ is too short to post.)

Unicorn chaser because I googled Dwain Weston:

You have to watch JonS video first though.

That was the plan, but there was a slight miscommunication about proper attire.


I find it so unfathomable that there really is a human being that is willing to do this and how far away from that I am.

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And there are a lot of people like that in a lot of directions:

I’m confused where the other cameraman is. Is there someone else at the peak with him at 4:13, for example, that isn’t there in the flyover shots?

Apparently there were guys who repelled down to a few places to get some shots. Those shots may have been on some of his practice runs, though.

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