Trench-run in a wingsuit


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Not just close to the ground, but spread-eagled.

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If nothing else, this seems like pretty definitive proof that Reed Richards and Plasticman could glide/fly without too much difficulty.


Meh, just like Beggar’s Canyon back home.


How are his gigantic balls not dragging on the ground?


Is this the Closest a Wingsuit Pilot Has Ever Flown to the Ground?

I’m gonna say striking the ground, and surviving, is closer…

see “Jeb Corliss - Grounded”


How did he land?? I’m assuming he had to fly over a cliff at some point in order to gain some distance for parachute deploy.



Can anyone here tell me: do wing suits use the wing in ground effect? Or are they more like a steerable drogue?

Or just drag-chute. His vector relative to the ground is parallel, pretty much, so a drag-chute could do the trick. Test it on someone else, though.

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I am wondering if ground effect helps stabilize here or if it’s not even a factor.


The force is strong with you, good sir.


If you’re impressed by this, wait until they release the other video.
Where you can see the guy doing the same, going uphill.


Its a small parasail with an LD (lift/drag ratio) of 2.5. Its not normal to use ground effect. Short lived show-offs do that.


Frankly, I’d wish you’d rather refrain from posting these clips. Three months ago a club mate died from such a stunt. The publicity generated by your posting acts like a multiplier for those thrill seekers.
Actually they try to earn a living with that and they have to create crazier and crazier stuff to qualify for a contract with RedBull and such.
Please stop it.
The fun is over the moment you attend the first funeral. The coffin is closed and your imagination runs wild, what you’d find in there if you’d open it.

He deploys his balls onto the snow, where due to their incredible weight, he creates enough drag to slow his momentum for a soft face-first landing into the snow. Then, he naturally makes a snow angel, without actually having to move his limbs.


Dude has a GoPro attached on a pole to his head. Where’s that video?

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What is the purpose of the trench? Collecting snowmelt for agriculture? Routing runoff away from settlement? Recreational opportunity for Redbull drinkers?

Next step; wing-suit races down constructed canyon courses. That’d be fun to watch (and more fun to participate in).

@wogo: sorry for your loss, but I don’t think you can blame redbull or publicity for your friend’s death. Thrill seekers are always going to test the limits, and some of them are going to exceed the limits. That’s just the nature of sport. And like it or not, we need people testing limits to inspire us to achieve more. People die or are seriously injured in just about every sport, and I for one wouldn’t want to live in a society that didn’t have that element of risk because it would mean that we weren’t challenging ourselves.