The day I met a creationist at the science conference

Why is are the comments for this article closed?

Was it getting spammed by creationist? Was it getting spammed by scientists?

I would guess that article drew the ire of the creationist astroturfing community.

The BBS also has a feature that will temporarily close a thread in which there are too many flags that are not yet worked by a moderator. Sort of a built in cool-down for threads that go crazy.

If the thread was automatically closed by that feature, it may reopen later.

Maybe @codinghorror can fill us in.


Is there a new creationist article? Can you link to the relevant topic? What is the date on the first post?

It was published this morning (6:56 am Fri, Dec 19, 2014).

Aha resolved here

Thx for the report!

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