Closed comments on a religion-related cartoon?!?

I was looking forward to reading those, no doubt, increasingly ridiculous comments!

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I can’t say I really understand what the point of closing comments when BoingBoing no longer has a commenting system, and there’s nothing to stop me starting a thread here called “Atheism vs Theism vs Agnosticsism vs Gnosticism”, and providing a link back to Mark’s post, if I really want to have a boring argument.

I guess it raises the bar a little higher? But I don’t really understand why you’d post something like that if you didn’t want to use it as a springboard invite discussion. On its own it isn’t very interesting.

Funny thing is, if you hadn’t posted your thread I’d never even have seen it, because I use this site bass-ackward since the split.


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It may not have been intentional. Some of the BB posts don’t make it over to BBS due to the zillion quirks of WordPress. @deanputney and @beschizza can you have a look on your end?

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I currently see that comments are closed for this post also:

Mark Leiser, a law professor who writes a tech law column for The Drum, says he was denied boarding on an Easyjet flight after he tweeted critical remarks about the airline (he said that a delayed flight had caused a soldier on his flight to miss a connection and that Easyjet had refused to help). According to Leiser, a member of staff told him, “You’re not allowed to talk about Easyjet like that and then expect to get on a flight.”

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I was figuring that was in case of Easyjet Attack-Lawyers.

I saw that too. The software bug explanation makes the most sense. But if it’s deliberate, I’d like to know on what basis a no-comments decision is made.

Right now I see that this topic does not have comments open: It would be nice to know if this is a bug or if it was intentional. If it was intentional, then maybe the main text of the topic could say so.


Probably the same issue. @sam can you have a look at our logs and see what they say for that one? Timing wise @eviltrout might be better to look, since this is late Australia Friday.

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