The Dead Mountaineer's Inn by Boris and Arkady Strugatsky

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Sounds like I found my Summer book to read, thanks a million!

Amazon for 12 bucks, and delivered…

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Monday Begins on Saturday is one of my all-time favorites. I’ve only read the first translation, though. Need to try the second.

I’ll watch out for this one.


I’ll try that next!


Hah! I hopped in here to recommend that one. The one I have has the smaller of the two covers there; a trade paperback.

The translation was fine. The back cover compares it to Harry Potter, but the tone and intent are very different.

There are some interesting nuggets about Soviet society in there. Like: You could rent cars (but there was a rigorous maintenance schedule)… And factories used computers to do payroll and such; there’s a scene where a rep from a local factory shows up with the punch cards (as I recall) so they could be run on the institutes’s computer.


Queer? Really?

Same here. Great book, very funny and lighthearted, not the usual dystopian fare, while still rather skeptical of science and humanity.


Words can have different meanings in different contexts…

Queer is an old word, that only recently has been coopted to mean “gay”. In its original use it meant strange or uncanny. It is one of my favorite words, and often I’m a bit sad that it’s meaning changed to its present meaning.

Gay, too, is a coopted word, that used to just mean " happy and care free ".

I’m a bit miffed that the gay community changed the meaning of that word, though I understand why they did it. It was pretty much capturing an insult, and using it was a prideful identification. They stole the hurtful nature of the term, and instead made it positive. Like a more impactful version of the terms " nerd" and “geek”. I am also sad that I have a harder time referring to people who bite the heads of chickens for a living now.

Oooo, I just read this a few weeks ago. Lovely book, reminded me of the atmosphere of Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes, mountains, mystery, oddities, and a gentle, strange humor pervading it all.

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