The DEA's paid perjurer


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This is not a Nixon quote, it’s a quote from The Haldeman Diaries2. An interesting read, but widely disputed by other Nixon staffers, and featuring some assertions that simply aren’t consistent with Nixons record.


This is not a Nixon quote

Correction: It might not be be a Nixon quote.

I hate the DEA, and think drugs should be legalized, but the fact of it is that nearly every government program, or really almost anything else, somebody 50 to 100 years ago touted it as a way to keep blacks down (even if not all the supporters, or a majority of them, did for that reason). Because people were really racist.

Gun Control Act of 1968-- yep, you could find segregationists saying “this is only for those uppity blacks like the Black Panthers (recently founded), not for white folks.”
Tillman Act of 1907, banning federal corporate campaign contributions-- yep, “Pitchfork Ben” Tillman of SC said it was to keep dastardly corporations from undermining Jim Crow.
The Pill and abortion? You can find some awful things that Margaret Sanger said about the “inferior races” outbreeding whites.
Evolution in schools? You really don’t want to read the racist crap in the textbook at the center of the Scopes trial.

“Somebody supported this and made blatantly racist arguments in favor of it years ago” is not often a great argument, simply because the majority was so racist that at least some supporter said this about everything.


Quick question: who makes more money from drugs, the average Columbian drug lord or the DEA?

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