NRA TV was so racist even the NRA says it was racist

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Also, the first part of the title sounds like the opening to a bad vaudeville-style joke:

NRA TV was so racist that

How racist WAS it?


“You ever noticed how all gun people be like…”


This feels like it’s in no small part an attempt by the NRA to excise the ugly parts of what they were doing and blame them all on a wretched outside entity that was corrupting an otherwise straight-laced decent organization. As though the NRA had no idea what was happening in their name.

I call bullhonkey.


I can’t help but notice the reaction of these supposedly unhappy NRA executives was not to publicly renounce the racism and fear-mongering they found so distasteful, but to merely try and change horses. Which leads to the conclusion that what they were actually upset about was the fact that Loesch et al were saying the quiet parts loud. They were upset at being criticized, not for what the content actually was.


,… they were lied to by Ackerman McQueen about traffic, and eventually realized they were being looted for “tens of millions of dollars”

Wait, wait. Let me get my tiny violin. I know I left it around here somewhere …




Fear is the NRA’s brand. Fear of “urban” crime, fear the government, fear of coastal elites, fear of brown people. Fear is what brings in the membership money, and the donations, and the votes which bring the NRA political power. Fear is a big motivation for people to buy guns, which in turn bring in money from gun manufacturers. They just hired a firm that made the mistake of saying the quiet parts out loud. Loud enough that it was difficult to deny the racism in the message.


It wasn’t much more than a year ago that ammosexuals would show up here in every topic on a mass shooting or gun control parroting NRA talking points and (when called on that parroting) defending that organisation as a grassroots organisation focused on protecting a Constitutional right. Funny how suddenly that collection of loudmouths have suddenly gone quiet on that.

For the rest of us, we knew that the NRA was a firearms industry lobbying group that – since the 1977 coup that saw a racist murderer take charge – has existed to sell its clients’ products on the basis of white supremacist bigotry and xenophobia and to support right-wing politicians who work on behalf of the industry. NRA TV, Loesch and then the revelations about Russian involvement were just undeniable and impossible-to-ignore symptoms of what that rotten organisation was all along.


What I find enjoyable is that a grifty org (the NRA) got grifted.


This obvious and well-documented intersectionality between gun ownership and “culture wars” is why gun enthusiasts’ claims of “protecting us from government tyranny” ring so hollow with so many people. Most of them will almost certainly come down on the side of supporting government tyranny without even realizing they have been duped. All fascists worth their salt know this one weird trick to turn the warrior class against the principles they swore to defend.


I’m wondering how long it will take for PETA to suddenly start claiming that whoever it hired for advertising is likewise nutso.


So PETA, NRA, and Jenny McCarthy walk into a bar. Sitting there across from them is a Morman, a Catholic, and a Nazi.

Finish the joke!


Nailed it.


I read that as “Mothman” at first.

It was much funnier with Mothman… :slight_smile:

@Tim_Carpenter: As a person who is very much a believer in radical equality and the constitution, I am awaiting with bated breath the rising of the Oath Keepers to defend the constitution against the outrageous overreaches of the executive branch leadership…

Then I remember that their oath only kicks in if said leader is not a white guy…


which some NRA leaders found distasteful and racist

(emphasis added)

Given the absolute dumpster fire NRA TV was, we should be careful not to accidentally read this as “the remaining NRA leaders disagreed the content was distasteful and racist,” but instead “the remaining NRA leaders enthusiastically supported the distasteful, racist content.”

The staggering thing isn’t the awful reality of the content, but that there might have been NRA leaders who actually thought their business was anything to do with protecting gun rights and promoting responsible ownership instead of stoking racist and fascist sentiments among hateful, violent idiots to boost gun sales, which is all the NRA has ever existed to do. NRA TV was 100% in their wheelhouse, and anyone who didn’t recognize that was so far out of the loop that their objections don’t do much to mitigate the horrifying content the network produced, definitely with someone’s full knowledge and approval.


Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.


NRA TV was so racist even the NRA says it was racist

That’s kinda like saying:


NRA TV was so racist even the NRA says it was racist

Frankly, I’m concerned.