The NRA spent $70,000 on a consultant to help Wayne LaPierre choose which mansion to purchase

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But sure, they’re an organization committed to representing the interests of the average, working class gun owner. /s


He was afraid of being shot? Seriously? Isn’t that like The Colonel having alektorophobia? JHC


Cushy gig if you can land it.


The NRA is a grifty and shady cult of an organization, to be sure.

But is there any doubt that their misdeeds are a drop in the bucket? Oversight agencies have been utterly decimated under the current and past GOP administrations.


But (according to them) they are America’s longest-standing civil rights organization. In fact, together with their more than five million members, they’re proud defenders of history’s patriots and diligent protectors of the (completely misinterpreted at this point) Second Amendment.

Someone has to defend the PATRIOTS of history, I tell you. And it’s best done from a big ol’ mansion.




Sure… if you ignore abolitionist groups. They also have taken a turn into hard line racism since the 70s…


yes. just… fyi: i was being sarcastic and tongue in cheek. That was the paraphrased mission statement from their website.

Fuck the NRA


I’ve been saying for years that if there were a reasonable organization that helped run gun/hunter’s safety classes, target shooting competitions, and maybe had a small lobbying arm that didn’t run the whole org, the NRA would have way less numbers. Instead you get this crap where you’ve got people living high on the hog selling propaganda to their members, and while some members will always eat it up because it serves their other interests (e.g. shooting at dark people who invade their house, playing soldier, etc.), there’s plenty of folks who believe they have the choice of NRA or lose everything they invested in over the years.

If you’re in that third category, it’s easy to compartmentalize because for decades you’ve been spoonfed bullshit. It’s in the same category of “I voted for more jobs and tax cuts, not the racism part.” You don’t believe (or do but don’t want to and block it out) that it’s the same package because that’s how brains work.

Not defending any of the above so much as saying that it’s a group that’s ripe for the picking and way more reasonable than their leaders and more vocal supporters.

Or I could be wrong, and everyone involved either is making money and/or has power fantasies because humanity is terrible. Eat Arby’s.


Plus there’s the regulatory capture aspect. There are places AFAIK where you have to take a course to obtain a concealed carry permit and the only courses available are run by NRA affiliates- and signing up technically makes you a member.

I don’t know if this is true for hunter safety courses as well- while the NRA does offer hunter safety courses, I think there are other providers pretty much everywhere.


I keep trying to come up with a pithy comment but seriously this is perfect just as it is.




I’d forgotten about that! And yeah, I seem to recall hunter’s safety being free as an after school thing when I was 14, probably NRA subsidized, but don’t remember if that’s where my jr. membership came from. It may have also came from my dad (who is so bought in that I just change the subject when we talk).

I let all that lapse when I went to college and simply had other hobbies, then never renewed as an adult when I saw the org. for what it was.


Welcome to the America you helped build, LaPierre. But isn’t it fantastic you have the money to go and hide? You fuck.

As for spending the NRA’s money on stupid shit, the more the better.

Yep, the bucket is certainly not short of drops. Doesn’t mean we should give any of them a pass because some are tinier than others. Drag it all out where it can glisten in the light.


I have long believed that we should set a dollar limit, and stealing over that amount should be a capital crime. In this case, it would kill two birds with one stone - it would remove a greedy fuck who pees on the people he claims to champion, and it would remove a soulless turd who doesn’t give a damn if he helps facilitate massacres as long as he makes money.


After reading the story, it seems like the headline should be:

The NRA pretended to spend $70,000 on a consultant to help Wayne LaPierre choose which mansion to purchase because they couldn’t think of a better cover to grift $70,000 and somehow thought that would fly

I mean, what the hell?!?


In this case we should cheer the grifters. Money used to buy a mansion do a lot less damage than money used to lobby for more guns.


For $70,000, surely he could have hired a good guy with a gun?

Mansions don’t stop bad guys with guns. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is…

Oh. Wait. He was lying to us!


I do seriously doubt there’s 5M dues-paying members nowadays, but that 5M they tout probably includes every trainee, as you say, and everyone else on their mailing list!